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Clean up your Windows PC at absolutely no cost
with simpliclean

Is garbage data clogging up your PC? Is clutter slowing down your hard drive? Is your PC unstable and constantly crashing?

Get rid of unnecessary data, optimize the existing storage space and shorten the amount of time it takes to access your files by cleaning up your computer.

Scan your PC for problems at no cost with simpliclean FREE !


    • Defragment the registry for free Constant write and erase operations mean that the files in the registry database take up more and more space. Cleaning up your computer reduces the windows registry and makes information quickly accessible


    • Remove garbage data Many programs create files on the hard disk that are required temporarily, but then don’t delete them after certain operations. Rid your PC of these unnneccessary files and delete temporary files automatically!


    • Use the free Registry Cleaner The Registry Cleaner performs a qualitative analysis of the Windows Registry to find stability problems and automatically removes errors. This improves PC performance and makes it more stable.


    • Shred Deleted Files Files are not securely deleted when the Recycle Bin is emptied. Simpliclean deletes these files permanently and removes unecessary data that could be slowing your PC down.


simpliclean freeware scans your PC for errors and fixes them for free: